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Introduction & Background

I could wax poetic about Japan, but other white men have done enough of that, and in the end you’ll always just need to be there yourself. If you’ve spent extended time in Japan before, you already Get It™ and if not, well I hope you enjoy your time there as much as I did and do.

After twenty-two years and seven consecutive days of walking the hell out of Tokyo, I now realize that I’d go to the mat for this city. I still can’t believe I made my way here so long ago, and found a way to stay. The city taught me care, introduced me to aesthetics and design and literature and people that would inform my entire career. It taught me loneliness and solitude, too, and in doing so forced me to confront both, to transmute them into more than hopelessness. The city showed me and continues to show me what’s possible. Continues to set the bar for what should be expected — no, demanded — of life and infrastructure and social goodness. The city says people can live with grace, can be honored, just like this, just like you. Look, it says — grace abounds. It’s yours to bear to witness to, if you choose.

— Craig Mod

<aside> ✈️ Let’s fucking goooooo (to Japan).


Guidelines for Travel (& Life)

  1. Don’t live your days by anyone’s prescription—not mine and definitely not a fucking app’s, so follow your heart and if a place looks inviting, you were meant to be there. Yeah, you should probably walk down that alley to see where it goes.
  2. You should probably say yes to the unexpected—this energy is 99% of experience.
  3. Speak to people, and go out of your way to do so—of people and places, people are everything.
  4. Travel by breadth or depth, and know that both are valid.

The Holy Trinity of Lists